About Professor Microbe

Professor Microbe is a revolutionary new science-based method of cleaning that uses living, food-grade microbes to safely disinfect and clean dirt, food waste, and heavy grease and eliminate odors and stains from ceramics and fabrics. 

Company Founder John Moore created Professor Microbe by using simple and organic ingredients: corn, sugar, baking soda, distilled water and a proprietary microbial/ enzyme blend. Professor Microbe is a wholesome and effective cleaning product that not only improves the quality of cleaning, but is safe for humans, pets, and the environment.

Professor Microbe is the creation of Professor John Moore, JD MBA. 

Read his story below:

In 1969, John Moore returned from Germany after serving as a medical service corps officer in a war President Johnson hid from the public. The German chemical giant BASF invented chlorine gas that Clorox commercialized by telling us that germs are everywhere and must be killed instantly with bleach. By poisoning the environment with harmful chemicals and indiscriminately wiping out good germs, we are not only contributing to rising levels of asthma, allergies and migraines but to obesity, negative effects on growth, brain development, intelligence and coordination that will last far into the future. (Royal College of Medicine, 2016) Now, BASF has invented a “magic” cleaner banned in Europe but sold in America by “hiding its ingredients” melamine (a noise suppredecadesssor) and formaldeyde (preserves dead animals). Under the guise of protecting trade secrets, the major brands of cleaners have for  added toxic chemicals to their products without adequately warning consumers of the inherent risks. Nothing will change until consumers stop buying them.


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported more than 700 different beneficial types of bacteria in breast milk. Microbes are so efficient at consuming grease that the slip coefficient of the floor rises over time. Biotech companies are raising “friendly” bacteria to harvest enzymes in products from yogurt to life saving drugs. According to a 2015 study by the OECD industrial grade microbes clean up oil spills, make bio-fuels, fertilizers, pesticides and drain cleaners. Prof. Microbe uses only “food grade” microbes and food ingredients sugar, baking soda and corn. Prof. Microbe is the best tool in the cleaning toolbox to protect, remove and control pathogens with a cleaner clean.


  • The cleaning industry has changed little since its inception
  • Monopolistic practices
  • Lack of transparency and honesty
  • Trade secrets to hide toxic ingredients
  • Lack of regulations to protect consumers
  • Claims without any scientific evidence
  • Societal pressure to reduce toxic air pollution in buildings
  • Prof. Microbe is about science; they’re about chemicals

  • By delivering 100% organic cleaners, 100% transparency, 100% empowerment
  • By educating consumers about the new science of cleaning with microbes
  • By providing the right incentives to deal with environmental problems
  • By teaching children how to turn food waste into organic compost with microbes
  • By improving the quality of air in buildings
  • By investing in professional partners dedicated to making a difference

  • Ameliorate the negative societal impacts of killing the germs that protect us
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of people, buildings and homes
  • The spokes “owl” for chemical-free cleaning and climate change
  • Income and gender equality and = justice when half the global wealth is held by 1% (Oxfam, 2016). Stephen Hawking recently warned we have to clean up Earth or move to another one next century.
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