Prof. MICROBE the True CLEAN

When air fresheners and cleaning products are inhaled by our furry friends, they can cause serious gastrointestinal distress and irritation to the respiratory tract.  Additionally, cats and dogs are vulnerable to poisoning when they lick their paws after walking on a floor treated with standard household cleaners.

The ingredients in common household items produce carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, sulfur dioxide and various irritants such as nitrogen oxides that can scar the lungs. These dangerous items interfere with normal lung development in cats and dogs and increase their risk of respiratory infections.

Exposure to chemical cleaners, which virtually all cleaners are, can also depress the immune system and damage the layer of cells in the lungs that protects and cleans the airways in the nose and lungs. The scientific literature has well documented  the impact of such toxic chemicals.



The nose is the crucial frontier. The cells in the nose sense potential toxins and then release tiny sacs that fight them off and prime other cells to resist the onslaught.

Every breath we take can contain dangerous bacteria. To counter this, the cell lining in the nose cavity secretes a mucus that traps tiny particles. Hairs on the surface of these cells, called cilia, move the mucous along. The mucus is then swept backwards towards the throat. Once swallowed it is up to the gut to deal with it.

The toxic chemicals in common household cleaning products represent a direct threat to pets’ nose and health. Pets live their lives close to the floor and other surfaces, where chemicals abound. They are likely to inhale more toxic substances than humans, and with greater intensity.

Almost all cleaning products also contain perfumes that “trick” the nose so that we do not smell the cleaning chemicals, just the perfume. However, the perfume is also highly toxic.

Disguising the chemical smell does not prevent the nose from doing its job. It still acts as a filter to reduce the effects of harmful substances. However, the perfumes do repress the nose’s “warning system.” Generally, the smell of chemicals in our immediate presence should tell us that what we are breathing is not good for us.

Prof. Microbe™ contains no chemicals or perfumes. It is a 100% organic, food safe, powerful, earth friendly, people and pet safe, all-purpose chemical-free, fragrance-free cleaner. The professor uses a combination of corn, baking soda, sugar, distilled water, and ‘food grade’ enzymes and microbes to digest dirt, food waste, grease, and various contaminants. The enzymes are like “knives and forks” cutting up the bad stuff into little pieces for the microbes to digest in the same way that food is broken down in our stomachs into harmless fatty acids. After cleaning up the dirt, food residue, and grease with Prof. Microbe, just respray and let dry. The microbes remain on the surface for days, preventing harmful germs from growing back.

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Did you know dangerous pathogens return within 30 minutes after cleaning with chemical cleaners?

Professor Microbe continues to work after application preventing the colonization of virus pathogens.
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